Gadget Show: Cyber Monday deals 2017

Here is a re-cap of the deals I mentioned on my ‘Wallop of the Week’ slot on Channel 5’s The Gadget Show, November 24th, when I talked about Cyber Monday.


What is Cyber Monday?

It is traditionally (if you can call something that has been around for less than a decade a tradition) the Monday following Black Friday, which itself is always the Friday after Thanksgiving, which is the third Thursday in November. Are you still following me?

In the UK, it was the busiest day for shopping online. Shoppers, in the days when many people did not have broadband at home, would use their work computers to buy Christmas gifts they had seen while window shopping on the high street the previous weekend. Office workers would abuse their company’s better quality internet to go shopping in their lunch hour. Now, it is just a spill over from Black Friday — but an online only event.

Is it all hype?

Yes, partly. There are a lot of ‘discounts’, which just aren’t very good value. But if you hunt around there are some pretty decent deals. The trick is to use a price tracking website such as CamelCamelCamel (only works for Amazon), Idealo or Pricerunner to find the normal price for certain products — and then work out if the ‘discount’ price is a genuine bargain. As always, do your homework. And it’s only a good deal if you were going to buy the product in the first place.

What are the best deals?

Here is a very short round up of some of the best deals that should be available until the close of play Monday, November 27. Though in may cases, these discounts could continue into December. At this point, you just don’t know if the price will continue to drift downwards or bounce back up to the higher, original price.

Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition — from Amazon (pictured above)
Was: £99.99
Now: £69.99

Amazon Echo Plus — from Amazon

Was: £139.99
Now: £109.99

Philips Smart Shaver 7921/51from John Lewis
Was: £300
Now: £150

NB – on the show, I said this was available from Philips itself for £165, but I’ve since found it cheaper at John Lewis.

Dyson V8 Total Clean — from Curry’s
Was: £549.99
Now: £349.99

Samsung UE55MU6220 Curved TV — from Very
Was: £769

Toshiba 65U6763DB 4K Ultra HD Smart TV — from
Was: £1,199

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