Gadget Show: dashcam discount on your car insurance

If you missed my ‘Wallop of the Week’ on the new series of the Gadget Show, October 13, 2017, about dashcams and car insurance, here goes…

Having a dashcam in your car can reduce your car insurance premiums. The thinking is that a camera can help prove your innocence in a disputed claim. It should also, so the thinking goes, make you drive more safely if you know that everything out of your windscreen is being recorded.

Though many car insurance companies are happy to consider dashcam footage in a disputed claim, only a handful offer an upfront discount if you have a dash cam installed. The discount will vary from insurer to insurer but can be up to 20% on the price of their non-dashcam policies. Considering the average car insurance premium is now £690, according to the AA, this can equate to about £135 — more than the price of many decent dashcams.

Here are the details. And thank you to uSwitch for providing the list:


  • RAC – £30 discount
  • Axa – 10% discount
  • Switftcover – 10% discount or 12.5% with a Nextbase Dashcam
  • Adrian Flux – up to 15% discount
  • Surething – 20% with a Nextbase Dashcam


Drivers will obviously have to read all the T&Cs to make sure their dashcam is compatible. Using a smartphone app is not good enough; it has to be a proper dashcam. And in some case it has to be a particular make.


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