Gadget Show: cheapest way to buy an iPhone 8

If you missed my ‘Wallop of the Week’ on the new series of the Gadget Show, October 6 2017, about the cheapest way to buy an iPhone 8, here goes…



In all cases, we have presumed that the model is a 64GB model, and that you want at least 1GB of data each month and a decent amount of texts and calls.

1. Paying via a monthly contract, and paying a bit for handset upfront

  • Ofcom estimates that 7 in 10 of adult smartphone users pay for their phone via a monthly contract. That’s what I do, even though this method is never the cheapest option (see below). If you do, however, want to spread the cost of your handset over 24 months, the best bet is to pay a chunk upfront (£270) and go with O2. This deal gets you 3GB of data each month.

Handset: £270 

Monthly Cost: £27 

Total Cost Over 2 Years: £918

2. Paying for a handset upfront


  • Very few people feel comfortable — or have the resources — to pay for a handset in full upfront. But this is invariably the cheapest option. You then need to find a SIM-only contract to put in the phone. This deal, using iD as your Sim provider only gives you 1GB of data, but it works out a full £100 cheaper (over 2 years) than paying for your phone via a monthly contract. And iD is a perfectly reputable provider. It is a subsidiary of retail giant Carphone Warehouse and the service is based on Three’s network infrastructure.

Handset: £699

Monthly Cost: £5

Total Over 2 Years: £819

3. If you want a free handset

  • If you really want a free handset, or can’t afford to pay for a chunk upfront, this is going to cost you a lot more money over 2 years. But you do at least get 8GB of data each month on this deal, which is with Three.

Handset: £FREE,

Monthly Cost: £46.00

Total Over 2 Years: £1104

4. The cheapest method: a cheat

  • Well done to the team at moneysavingexpert for being the first to spot this clever cheat. It is only available via Carphone Warehouse. You pay for the handset upfront (£659) and also take out a £13.99 a month rolling contract with EE. You then, completely legitimately, cancel the contract. Cost so far is £673. You will then, obviously, need to take out a monthly SIM-only contract, the cheapest of which is the £5 a month iD one (see above). The total cost over two years is £788.

Handset: £659,

Initial Monthly Contract: £13.99

Subsequent monthly contract: £5

Total Cost over 2 years: £788


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